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your future.

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Our high-yield CD account combines guaranteed returns with worry-free ease. Just choose your term and let your certificate of deposit go to work for you.
12-month term
24-month term
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The longer you choose, the more you make.

See how your earnings grow depending on how long you commit to a high-yield CD—and how ours beats the best of the rest.

2.65% APY
U.S. Bank
0.10% APY
Bank of America
0.40% APY
Capital One
2.70% APY
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12-month CD
12 mo3 mo6 mo9 mo12 mo18 mo24 mo30 mo3 yr4 yr5 yr7 yr10 yr

Initial deposit

Earned interest with GDI DIGITAL
$663 12-month CD 2.65 % APY

Get started with as little as $2,500.

Yes, Please

We don’t believe in sneaky fees.

  • Official bank check
  • Incoming wire (from an external bank)
  • Outgoing wire (to an external bank)
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Need your money early?

That’s alright. Just keep in mind that all Certificate of Deposit accounts have a penalty if you withdraw before your maturity date. The early withdrawal penalty depends on the length of the CD.
less than 1 year
1 year to < 4 years
4 years to < 5 years
5 years to < 7 years
7 years to 10 years
3 months simple interest
6 months simple interest
9 months simple interest
18 months simple interest
24 months simple interest

Watch your CD interest grow, on the go

It’s easy to check on your certificate of deposit whenever you need a little boost.

Check on your CD account easily. Anytime. You can even skip the passcode and log in with touch or face ID.
Enable Quick View to check your high-yield CD balance without logging in each time.

What is a certificate of deposit?

Guaranteed rates

Never mind what the market does. Because you commit to a specific CD term, your rate is locked in no matter what.

The longer you save the better

The longer CD term you choose, the higher rate you’ll get—and the more you’ll make.

Hands off, on purpose

Sit back and relax. Once you set up your certificate of deposit, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Step up those earnings

A “CD ladder” is when you open several CDs with different maturity dates. It’s a smart way to build on earnings as your high-yield CDs mature.

Get going on those goals.

Why wait? Let a certificate of deposit help you start working toward yours.